Monday, January 01, 2007

Curse of the Pharaoh

Murder Mystery Madness

Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt - April 23, 1894. The excavation season will soon be over as the baking sun makes digging unbearable, but the archaeological team from Oxford University led by Sir William Saville have made a startling discovery!

Tonight, the team and their guests prepare to enjoy a slap-up dinner party to celebrate
the uncovering of a previously unknown XIV dynasty pharaoh. But while the archaeologists make merry, dark clouds gather, internal tensions among the group burst to the surface and one of the local diggers is brutally murdered ... welcome to Curse of the Pharaoh!

Have you got what it takes to solve the murder, achieve your goals and keep your guilty
secrets hidden from everyone else? It was up to us!

This year for New Year's, I
thought it would be great if Jacob and I would get together with friends and play a 'how to host a murder'-type game. The Curse of the Pharaoh is a live-action game you play with 6-10 people. We were given detailed character backgrounds before we arrived. We were given goals to accomplish, contacts to make and (ssshhhhh...) secrets! You might have a secret identity, you might be rich, you might be poor - you might even be the murderer! We could decide who to talk to, who to trust - and who to betray!

The cast for the evening included:

Ang Campbell ..... the Servant (Oi, you!)
Josh Campbell ..... Sir William Saville

Jacob Wilcock ..... Shahfeez Merouf
Krissy Wilcock ..... Helen Mackinnon (
Wes Takacs ..... Hugh Carlaw
Jennifer Takacs ..... Ariadne Price-Evans
Cory Olson ..... Alvy Spanheim
Amy Olson ..... Eva de Chalons
Jane Smith ..... Lindsay Wilde
Bethany Smith ..... Robert Tregarne

In the end, it was Hugh Carlaw that murdered that poor man! It was shameful that he insisted that I, Helen, was possessed by a Egyptian Queen (named Bity) and was hypnotized and forced to do her bidding. Shame on him! Good times were had by all and we are looking forward to another chance to see "who dunnit"! (three cheers for the chef ... hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray! hip, hip, hooray!) Ang made a delectable meal including shish kebobs and feteer bel asaag ... mm, mm, good!


Jerry and Maaret said...

Without me AGAIN!!! You JERKS!!! That looks AWESOME! Did you have an absolute BLAST? Can't wait to see you!

Order Pills Antibacterial said...

I will be your frequent visitor, that's for sure.